• Lockbox on Education Funds - Dedicate all of the state sales and use tax, and state lottery proceeds, to education funding.
  • Reform the scoring for SOQ funding with a scale in which teachers are given credit for progress made with those that still didn’t reach benchmark.
  • Keep students in the classroom by addressing the overuse of out-of-school suspension, and institute restorative justice, to reduce recidivism, thereby increasing in-class opportunity to progress.

Personal Freedom

  • Abolish the Death Penalty - The tragedy of wrongful conviction (4%) coupled with extremely low return on investment (added expense from guaranteed extra representation and lengthy appeals) warrants life in prison instead.
  • Ending the Drug War - I believe Virginia is ready to join the ranks of 26 other states that have legalized cannabis in some way. I support Virginia NORML and their legislative priorities: Decriminalize (fines, not crimes) and Medical (let the doctor decide).
  • Return to Community Policing - We need to stop the militarization of police and return to a community policing system focusing on working with the community.
  • Stopping abusive toll collection practices - Private companies like Elizabeth River Crossings should not be allowed to use the DMV to violate a citizen's due process during toll collection.
  • Rights Restoration - Automatic restoration of civil rights for all non-violent felons once they have fully paid their debt to society.
  • Fighting for Food Freedom - Improving Virginia’s cottage food laws to expand the number of items allowed to be produced and sold in unregulated kitchens.
  •  * NEW * Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reforms - I will propose legislation to strengthen the rights of the public when requesting information via FOIA:
    • a. Public body must provide proof of records destruction if records requested via FOIA have been destroyed.
      b. Clarify that requesters cannot be billed for FOIA officer staff time or time for legal review for exempt records.
      c. Public body must acknowledge receipt of requests and provide requestor with the due date for their response.
      d. Petitions naming a public body as defendant must have an outside judge appointed immediately to ensure recusals don’t jeopardize the 7-day rule.
      e. Public bodies cannot file lawsuits against requestors; they can exercise their right to deny the request, and let requestors litigate if so desired.

Economic Opportunity

  • Creating a Better Business Climate - I will seek out unduly regulated industries and state sponsored monopolies like Dominion Power to bring about common sense changes that will stimulate new businesses and create more jobs. I support simplifying and standardizing the permitting process for solar farms, easing the permitting regulations on Virginia’s growing craft beer and spirits industry, and ending Virginia's prohibition on casino gambling.
  • Reforming Virginia’s Professional Licensure System - I will bring together business owners and stakeholders to review Virginia’s antiquated professional licensing system.
  • Training Our Future Workforce - I will fight to stop and restore the cuts to Virginia's Public Universities by cutting elsewhere in the budget while working to update our primary and secondary educational systems to provide more pathways for vocational training and more conduits for students to transition into skilled trade jobs if they don’t attend college.

Quality of Life

  • Adapting to Flooding and Sea Level Rise - I will ensure government is not an obstacle to free market solutions and academic research to address sea level rise and recurring flooding. We need to maximize our waters so they are an asset to our citizens and not a burden. I will propose legislation that directing the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliencey to coordinate with VDOT and VMASC to develop a unified framework and scoring system, on par with SmartScale, for the evaluation of sea level rise and flooding mitigation projects.
  • Building a Transportation System for the Future - Uber and Lyft have done more to increase transit options in Norfolk than light rail ever has. We need to reorient our transportation priorities to free market solutions appropriate to the 21st Century. No on light rail expansion, yes to expanded bus service. The $46 million plan HRT has is a start, but the region truly needs an express bus system between major employment and recreation destinations.
  • Protecting and Healing Our Waterways - We need to repair the damage done to our waterways from decades of industrial abuse so that our children can once again safely swim and fish in the Lafayette and Elizabeth Rivers.
  • Pipelines - I am opposed to the MVP and ACP, and refuse to take donations from Big Energy (Dominion et al). I will propose legislation preventing state-sponsored monopolies from donating to political campaigns.
  • Cap and Trade / Carbon Tax - I’m in favor of a fair carbon allotment per capita, that can be purchased by larger producers. This would in essence provide a dividend to those using less of their allotment by those depleting a common resource.
  • Immigration - My family first came to America as immigrants, as did so many. We should support efforts of anyone that comes peacefully to make a better life for themselves here. I would support any effort that makes citizenship less bureaucratic and easier to attain.
  • Sanctuary Cities - There are no sanctuary cities in Virginia. All Sheriff and Police are sworn to hold ANY criminal accountable for their actions. I have every faith they will continue to do so, regardless of immigration or citizenship status.
  • Medicaid Expansion - Access to healthcare by those currently covered by Medicaid is heavily restricted by a dwindling supply of providers. I would not consider expanding Medicaid and worsening that problem until we can better provide for those already participating in the program.