How LibertyMined Works

Successful political campaigns require funding, talent, and technology. LibertyMined aims to level the playing field by providing campaigns with a means to access the tools they need to win without having to solicit monetary donations from their supporters. We will accomplish this goal using browser or desktop based cryptocurrency mining programs to aggregate funds for future or current political campaigns. The main mining programs we intend to use are Monerise and Minergate.

Monerise is a java based mining script that allows users to mine the Monero cryptocurrency on behalf of the website owner using their computers CPU power. Progress is measured in hashes and there is a floating reward level per million hashes based on the current block reward.

Minergate is a desktop based program which allows the mining of multiple cryptocurrencies. Users can register using an affiliate link allowing us to earn up to 75% of the profits Minergate collects from users.


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Development Roadmap


At launch, LibertyMined will focus only on Virginia state level elections and local elections in select localities. Users will be required to complete a set number of hashes using to confirm their account. Following account confirmation, users will continue to accumulate hashes which can then be earmarked for specific campaigns, legislative districts, or political infrastructure. If you are interested in bringing LibertyMined to your state, please contact us

LibertyMined will also serve as a data aggregator for political and election information, including election results, donation records, and voter files, and provide political campaign management software for participating campaigns to utilize. Development will be done in phases as different portions of our development roadmap are funded. 

Phase 1: Foundational Expenses and Sustainability - $5,000
To operate effectively, LibertyMined must have the financial resources to ensure web hosting is paid for and can be upgraded in the event of increased traffic and that reliable, consistent support can be provided to participating users and campaigns. At launch, the first hashes generated by users will fund these foundational expenses prior to any hashes being available to donate to other causes. Continuing expenses will be paid via a 5% fee on all donations. These funds will cover the following:

  • Formation fo Legal Entities 
  • Website Hosting Upgrades
  • Operating and Development Funds

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