Get Involved with LibertyMined

There are many ways to get involved with LibertyMined. The simplest way is simply to visit the website frequently and leave the page open even after you are done. The Monerise mining script will run automatically in the background generating hashes. If you would like to begin accumulating hashes that can then be donated to specific candidates, political parties, and infrastructure, you will need an individual user account. 

To create a new user account on LibertyMined please visit our registration form. Once completed, an administrator will have to approve your account and you will then need to generate 1 million hashes to have your account confirmed. Once LibertyMined has raised enough to meet its foundational expenses, the hashes you generate will be available for you to donate.

If you are a candidate or political party who would like to set up an account for the purpose of taking donations and utilizing our tools, please email us at

If you are interested in using Minergate's affiliate program to donate cryptocurrency to LibertyMined, please use this signup link.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of LibertyMined political campaign tools, please email us at

For general questions, comments, or concerns, please email