Development Roadmap Phase 1: Foundational Expenses and Sustainability

To operate effectively, LibertyMined must have the financial resources to ensure web hosting is paid for and can be upgraded in the event of increased traffic and that reliable, consistent support can be provided to participating users and campaigns. At launch, the first hashes generated by users will fund these foundational expenses prior to any hashes being available to donate to other causes. Continuing expenses will be paid via a 5% hash fee on all donations. We have set a $5,000 goal for these funds and they will cover the following.

Formation of LLC and Affiliated Political Action Committees - $1,000

LibertyMined will first incorporate as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Virginia. It will then begin the process of seeking 501c4 status. Concurrently it will create a Virginia registered Political Action Committee. LibertyMined will not be involved in Federal elections and will not be forming an Federal Political Action Committee.

Website Hosting Upgrade Contingency - $3,000

LibertyMined was built using a custom implementation of Drupal and CiviCRM hosted by CiviHosting. We are currently running on their extended shared package. Our goal is to upgrade to Single VPS hosting which costs $250 per month. Once this goal is to raise 1 years worth of hosting costs in advance. Once this goal is met, we will upgrade LibertyMined's hosting account and begin the process of acquiring voter files for legislative districts and localities as they are funded.

Operating and Development Funds - $1,000

LibertyMined is currently a volunteer run operation with minimal expertise in high level application development. To provide the highest quality, open source political tools to our users, we will be using this money to fund improvements to LibertyMined's custom implementation of Drupal and CiviCRM. Our goal is to provide a suite of campaing software more powerful than NGP's VAN and more intuitive to use than Nationbuilder. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to helping with development, please email