Primary Day = Voter Awareness Day for Terry Hurst for Delegate

What an invigorating day meeting the voters at the polls Tuesday and sharing the choice of Liberty in the 89th District for Norfolk. Thank you so much to our dedicated volunteers who put in the hours helping me share the vision of credible, competent, and honest leadership in the House of Delegates with our neighbors in Norfolk, and reminding them I am already on their November ballot.

When one person aware of us not being on the primary ballot asked "What are you guys doing here?" we replied "raising awareness that Terry is already on their November ballot."
"That is brilliant," they said. We agree.

Joe W Dillard Jr. ran a very uplifting race; he should be proud of his work and the people he and his great team reached. I congratulate Jerrauld "Jay" Jones on his win, and I look forward to engaging with him on the issues at civic events across the district.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017