League of Women Voters Questionnaire

Q. What are the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access for Virginians?

  • A. Redistricting reform to end gerrymandering and making free voter ID’s more accessible. Currently to obtain a free voter ID you must swear under penalty of perjury that you can not access any other form of photo ID.

Q. How would you promote health care coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all Virginians?

  • A. I would seek to minimize governmental interference between you and your doctor while providers encouraging a return to fee for service billing to increase competition between healthcare providers which will reduce costs and increase quality

Q. What changes in the process of redistricting would you support and why?

  • A. Lines should be drawn by a commission, not officeholders and without the use of racial data. We also need to redefine ‘compact and contiguous’ by requiring the use of the outermost natural and political subdivision boundaries as a primary boundary draw, then extending inward, excluding the use of district lines that produce zero voters (alleyways).

Q. What would you do to help your district adapt to increased flooding and mitigate future sea level rises?

  • A. With potentially billions of dollars in needed bridge, recurrent flooding and sea-level rise projects, we must have a credible and accurate way to score them to ensure we aren’t wasting limited dollars. I will propose legislation ordering Virginia’s Modeling and Simulation Center to coordinate with state agencies and localities to create a unified framework for rating flooding and bridge repair proposals in conjunction with Smart Scale for evaluating other road improvements.

Q. How should public transit be funded?

  • A. Public transit should be primarily funded through a dedicated funding stream prioritizing transit systems that move the most people the most places for the least amount of money. This funding can be supplemented by fares and advertising.

Q. Explain your top 3 priorities if elected.

  • A. I will proactively surface and drive ideas that oppose government overreach into personal freedoms, promote economic opportunities for small businesses and families and passionately work to improve quality of life. Specifically for my district that means ending the drug war and abolishing the death penalty, and creating a unified framework for scoring flood mitigation projects to deal with sea level rise.