January 24th Campaign Update - Terry Goes to Richmond

A very productive day in a different kind of way. Today, Mr. Hurst went to Richmond, specifically the Virginia General Assembly. Here's what the candidate had to say about his day.

What an exhilarating day setting foot for the first time in the seat of government. I met so many dedicated people while lobbying Senators and Delegates to support two very important bills. I must have spoken to at least 80 people! And while there, I actually sat in the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections hearing on SB1487 and was able to testify before the committee to voice my support and encourage they do the same. That bill was approved by the committee unanimously! (Thanks to the work done by Max Shapiro and Bob Brown before I arrived!) Now we will see how affective our lobbying was once the senate bill reaches the full senate floor. (The house bill is still to be heard in committee).

On the whole, a very educational, enriching and necessary day. Don't let the newness of something hold you back from stepping out and experiencing it. You may surprise yourself.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017