I Will Stand Up For Your Rights

Holding government accountable: That has been the central theme to my campaign for House of Delegates in the 89th District. That isn't just a talking point, there is action behind my words. Throughout my campaign I have taken a stand, literally, to defend the rights of our citizens and demand government accountability.

In January, I testified before the Virginia Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections, advocating for passage of SB1487, which passed unanimously. This law now makes a suspension and removal from office automatic upon an elected official being convicted of a felony.

In March, I spoke before Norfolk’s School Board and advocated for their requesting the city direct all the new revenues from The Main hotel and the new Waterside District to Norfolk Public Schools. This was during a budget dispute where the city had told the school board it would not fully fund their request. 

In August and September, I fought to hold the City of Norfolk Information Office accountable in their handling of requests submitted under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). After city council failed to initiate an investigation after two requests, I sued the city. I represented myself in defending my rights, and made the city admit to technical violations and lack of specificity required by the law when seeking a deadline extension.

In October, I addressed city council in opposition of a $4M deal they were voting on entering with a new developer of the Marriott, after they had just heavily subsidized The Main. These deals offer little more to the citizens of Norfolk than renovated conference spaces, when those resources could have been invested in other city services and the schools.

When you go to the polls Tuesday, please remember: Terry Hurst for Delegate is a candidate of action. As your delegate, I will oppose government overreach into personal freedoms, support economic opportunity to small businesses and families and passionately work to improve your quality of life. 


Sunday, November 5, 2017