Carbon Farming - The Next Big Deal In Climate Change

Many scientists agree that we are quickly approaching the point of no return on climate change; that point where we broach the two degree celsius change whereby we cannot reverse the damage to our atmosphere. It has been written we will reach that point by the end of the century. This has many frantically supporting all measures to reduce CO2 emissions and the ‘greenhouse effect’, and lamenting any opposition, regardless the reason. For every supporter there seems to be an opponent, and the ensuing paralyzation of any real progress.

What if instead of fighting a dogged war of reduction, we considered a new tact. One that leans on our species agrarian ways. I’m speaking of, farming; specifically carbon farming. This concept includes at its most basic levels, farming the atmosphere for carbon dioxide (CO2) and returning carbon to the soil. The soil holds more carbon than the atmosphere and vegetation combined. Technologies have been developed to ‘recycle’ byproducts of myriad processes in our history. It seems that carbon farming may be one of the most critical attempts to recycle in our history, yes even our planet’s survival may depend on it.

I recently read an article from The New Food Economy titled "How carbon farming could halt climate change." It may surprise you to learn, as the article states, that "soil holds more carbon than the atmosphere and all vegetation combined."

Certainly the concepts in this article deserve serious consideration. I believe the primary roles of government are to protect life, liberty and property. As your delegate for the 89th District, I will be a staunch advocate to surface and drive ideas that will protect our homes, provide jobs in the process and improve our quality of life. Who among us is not willing to protect that which we all call home... Earth?


Thursday, October 12, 2017