Hampton Roads Black Caucus Questionnaire

Q. How would you support black owned business growth/economic development?

A. I will be the voice of reason that votes 'No’ on legislation that picks winners and losers, to keep ‘crony capitalism’ from preventing fair market competition. I will also seek out and work to remove burdensome regulation that prevents our families and neighbors from competing in the marketplace.

Q.  How would you support educational advancement?

A. I would propose legislation that reforms the scoring for SOQ funding. Specifically, I would provide a scale in which teachers are given credit for progress made with those that still didn’t reach benchmark. This could increase funding to offset the imbalance. I would also keep students in the classroom by addressing the overuse of out-of-school suspension, and institute restorative justice, to reduce recidivism, thereby increasing in-class opportunity to progress.

Q.  How would you support community development?

A. I will seek to consolidate resources to ensure limited funding is not wasted on duplicative administration, and instead is focused where it is needed. I will also seek to ensure funding goes primarily to small local businesses with strong community ties to the area being developed.

Q. Why do you feel HRBC should support you?

A. The political climate in Richmond requires a candidate that can build coalitions and collaborate to find the most common ground to produce real change for Norfolk and Virginia. As a veteran with over 30 years of work experience in Hampton Roads in multiple industries, and having raised six children in all levels of Norfolk Public Schools, and living through multiple socio-economic levels, I am that candidate.

Q. How would you support the mission and goals of HRBC?

A. My policies level the playing field for ALL people, so that each may pursue happiness and prosperity based on their own merits. I will oppose government overreach into your personal freedoms, promote economic opportunities for small business and entrepreneurs, and work passionately to improve your quality of life.

Candidate name: Terry Hurst

Office seeking: House of Delegates

District: 89th