About LibertyMined

LibertyMined was formed in January of 2018 by political activists Terry Hurst and Max Shapiro to enable candidates to focus on public policy issues instead of fundraising while seeking elected office. The LibertyMined project is broken down into three parts:

Part 1: Local Level Political Data

Starting with the Cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Liberty Mined has aggregated information on political candidates, elected officials, campaign donors, and election results much like VPAP has done. We take things a step further and provide an analysis of social media engagement data, election results, and user supplied intelligence to give you the most accurate picture possible of the current political environment. Pending procurement of up to date voter files, properly filed campaigns,  PACs, and their consultants will be able to use customized election projection tools to estimate turnout and win numbers down to the census block level.

Part 2: Campaign Data Management Tools

The core of LibertyMined is a Drupal + CiviCRM database built to track, transform, and aggregate political information. Our custom built, in-house campaign data management solution is designed with one goal in mind: track the voters you need to win. In a twist to the normal campaign data management model, we are offering our system to every campaign in a given election and mandating an anonymous data sharing program. The most cost intensive aspect of any campaign is direct voter communication and turnout. Based on prior voting history and social media activity, we will rate each registered voter based on their propensity to vote and their engagement in the current election. Our goal is to have campaigns tracking support and engagement levels of voters who have interacted with their campaign. Voters engaged in some way by multiple campaigns will see their propensity to vote and election engagement levels boosted. We believe that by doing this in an anonymized way, campaigns can more effectively target resources and messages without having to share confidential information with opposing campaigns. 

Part 3: Government Document and Local Government Voting Record Archive

Searchable voting record information for local government entities in Virginia is very rate. Information is typically stored in PDF format making accountability difficulty. LibertyMined has created a set of tools for manually entering records from minutes of local government meetings into a searchable database linked with our political data for election purposes. We also will have a system for uploading and classifying government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.