LibertyMined is the Future of Political Intelligence

LibertyMined aims to serve as set of tools and protocols to enable greater efficiency and effectiveness among activists and campaigns at the state and local levels, starting with the State of Virginia and the Cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Numerous tools and datasources are available at the Federal level, but few, if any, are available for most of the country's states and individual localities. The LibertyMined project is broken down into three parts.

  1. Local Political Data
  2. Campaign Data Management Tools
  3. Government Records Archive

LibertyMined aims to be supported by its users via subscriptions from campaigns, PACs, and consultants, and donation of surplus CPU resources from website users. This is accomplished using the browser based cryptocurrency JSECoin which was designed to replace intrusive ads as a funding mechanism for websites. When first visiting the site you will see a disclaimer for JSECoin at the bottom of your screen. You do not need to opt-in to access this website, although we would greatly appreciate it.